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Adding a template from the marketplace
Adding a template from the marketplace

Use one of our pre-written document examples and win more deals

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Adding a template from the Template Marketplace is quick and simple. 

Click 'Templates' in the left sidebar and then click 'Go to the marketplace' in the top right corner.

Have a browse from the many options - once you've found the template you want, click 'Get this'.

Once you've added a template

Now you have your template in your account, it's in your library which means you can edit any of the images, the text, the pages, colours - all of it.

If you have a go at this and mess it up, you can just re-add the template from the Marketplace again and start over.

Getting a template professionally designed

If you're looking to have a template professionally designed and made a little more custom, start a conversation below and we'll put you in touch with our design team.

When you're done editing

Once you have made all your edits, the next step is to create a document from that template. From your Templates page, just click 'Use this Template' and it'll create a new document from that template.

It will pull all the design in and create a document for your client. You then make the final, relevant edits to suit the client you're sending to and send it.

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