Adding a template from the Template Marketplace is quick and simple. 

Click 'Templates' on the top bar of Better Proposals and find the 'View the Marketplace' button on the right side.

Click there and have a browse from the many options - once you've found the template you want, click 'Get this'.

Once you've added a template

Now you have your template in your account, it's in your library which means you can edit any of the images, the text, the pages, colours - all of it.

If you have a go at this and mess it up, you can just re-add the template from the Marketplace again and start over.

Getting a template professionally designed

If you're looking to have a template professionally designed and made a little more custom, start a conversation below and we'll put you in touch with our design team.

When you're done editing

Once you have made all your edits, the next step is to create a proposal from that template

It will pull all the design in and create a proposal for your client. You then make the final, relevant edits to suit the client you're sending to and send it.

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