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How to add teams, managers and permissions

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A great way to keep your account organised is to split your users into Teams. You can assign each team a manager and set team related Permissions.

Setting up your Teams

To add a new team, simply hover over your profile picture in the top right corner of your Dashboard and click 'Settings' in the drop down menu.

Once you're in the Settings section, find ‘Teams’ under ‘Users and Teams’ category.

Clicking the pink ‘Create New Team’ button in Teams will create an untitled team for you and take you straight to edit it.

On the edit screen, you can name the team, assign a manager and add the rest of the team members. You can also remove a user from a team here and once you're done, click Save.

Setting Permissions

From the Teams list, you can click 'Set Permissions' to manage the Permissions for the members of that particular team. You'll see a list of the users in that team and can set all of their Permissions in one place.

Dashboard and Document view

Depending on the permission levels you have, you will now be able to filter the document list by Team, and then by a team member. 

As a company owner, you can see any of this and choose what you want to see. Restrictions and permissions can then be applied as you go down the chain of command to managers and team members.


There are 3 types of reports you can run based on your access level.

  1. Company Report – A full overview of company performance, with the added benefit of seeing Team Performance broken down within the report.

  2. Team Report – This shows you how the Team is performing and the individuals within it.

  3. Individual Report – This shows you how one particular user is getting on. 

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