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Using Adobe Fonts (Typekit)
Using Adobe Fonts (Typekit)

Add your own projects and fonts from Adobe Fonts

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To add your web project from Adobe Fonts (previously known as Typekit), start off by clicking Settings > Integrations in the sidebar.

Once you're there, just click Fonts and choose the Adobe Fonts option.

From there, click 'Add New Adobe Project'.

First give your project a name, then enter the Adobe Project ID and click 'Sync Fonts' to grab your project fonts.

How to find your Adobe Project ID:

  • Log in to your Adobe Fonts account.

  • Click 'My Adobe Fonts' on the right hand side

  • Click the 'Web Projects' tab

  • On each of your projects you'll find your "Project ID" which is a string of numbers and letters. 

Once you've grabbed your project fonts, hit 'Save changes' and you'll see your list is updated.

You can now choose any of these easily - just hover over your profile picture again, click Settings, pick the brand you wish to edit under ‘Branding’ and find the ‘Fonts’ tab. You can read more about font editing here.

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