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Collecting multiple signatures on one Proposal
Collecting multiple signatures on one Proposal

How to allow multiple people to sign or countersign yourself

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Any proposal created after 29th November 2019 can be set up to collect multiple signatures.
In order for your proposal to be signed, first it needs a Digital Signature block. So while editing your proposal click 'Add to this page' on the right hand side and click 'Digital Signature'. You only need to add one block per proposal, regardless of how many people need to sign.

To allow multiple people to sign your proposal, you need to be on our Premium or Enterprise plans. If you're on our Starter plan, you can allow any of the recipients to sign but only one will be able to which will finalise the proposal.

Adding multiple people who need to sign
Once you have finished editing your proposal and you click 'Next' in the top right, you'll come to the sending section which allows you to add the recipient details and send the proposal.

Signing Order
The first option you'll see allows you to set the signing order for your proposal. Turning this on means that the recipients who need to sign will be required to sign in the order they appear on this page. You can use the drag icon to the right to reorder the recipients at any time.
Leaving this off means that they can sign in any order.

Who needs to sign?

On the far right, you can select whether each recipient needs to sign or not. You may want to send the proposal to an additional person who needs to see it but doesn't need to sign for example.

If you want to sign the proposal yourself, simply add yourself as a recipient and you'll sign it in the same way that your clients do. :)

If your proposal contains any choice or optional items, only the first person to sign is able to select these. The proposal must be completely unsigned in order for options or choices to be selected.

If one person signs without selecting any options, and there are more people who need to sign, the first person can revoke their signature by clicking 'Revoke Signature' on the signature block.

This can be done up until the point that every person has signed.

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