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Adding background images/videos to your content blocks
Adding background images/videos to your content blocks

Using images and videos as backgrounds to make your content blocks stand out

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Adding colourful blocks to your proposals

To add a Content Block to your proposal, click the + icon located at the bottom of any block and click 'Content Block'

This will add a grey block to the page with some text on top. If the content block is the only element added to the page, it will go full height which is great for making a feature out of a whole page.

Adding a background Colour

Once you have added the Content block, hover over it and you’ll see a toolbar appear in the upper left hand corner of that block. Click the Settings cog and a sidebar will appear.

Here you can choose the background colour for your Content Block. Choose from a range of expertly designed colours, or pick your own using your 6 digit HEX code.

You can also add a subtle background pattern by clicking the left and right arrows underneath the colour selection panel and you can pick a pattern that works for you.

If you need to bulk-update all the content blocks with the same background colours to a different colour, you can see how to do this here.

Adding a Background Image

Same as before, hover over your content block and click the Settings cog to bring up the sidebar. You can now add background images from Unsplash and Pexels and search for images directly from this sidebar and import them with one click.

If you scroll down, you can add filter colour which will give it a nice subtle filter. Here we've added a nice black filter which gives it a nice look. A black filter pretty much goes with anything but get creative, use your brand colours as filters and add your brand feel to these stock images.

Adding Background Videos

Note for Vimeo users, a minimum of Vimeo Plus is required to enable the background video feature, this feature does not work on any of their free plans.

Any videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo can be added as background videos.

Open up the settings sidebar for your Content Block and click the video platform your video is hosted on and simply past the URL of that video into the URL field. Then click "Save" and your video will autoplay in the background of your content block. The videos will automatically span full width and will go as high as your content in that block (to a point, your video is only so big so you will eventually run out of room).

Note: We're really proud of this feature and it looks awesome when done right but use it sparingly. Make sure the video you use isn't too crazy with lots of camera movement. If every content block had background videos enabled it might become a bit overbearing and you'll lose the focus of your client. The point is, it's not actually about the videos themselves, it's just meant to be a nice subtle touch to bring a bit of class to a certain content block that you feel deserves that extra bit of attention.

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