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Structuring your content and layout inside content blocks
Structuring your content and layout inside content blocks

Using the different format options available to you to make your content stand out

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Accessing the content and layout options

To access the content and layout options, hover over your content block and you’ll see a toolbar appear in the upper left hand corner of that block. Click the Settings cog and a sidebar will appear. Then click the 'Content and Layout' tab.

Changing your text colour

Change your background and text colour to any HEX value you like, then click Save and Update.

Enabling Animation

We're not talking 1995 Microsoft Powerpoint here with it swirling in from all over the place, this is a nice subtle animation which ads a nice dynamic feel to your proposal. You can turn it on for a select few content blocks or all of them, it's completely up to you. Just turn on the 'Animation' checkbox and that's it.

Layout Options

You'll have 4 layout options available to you:

  • Single column - Normal width

  • Double column - Normal width

  • Single column - Wide mode

  • Double column - Wide mode

Select the layout style that works for look you're trying to achieve and click "Save and Preview"

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