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Saving content to the Content Library
Saving content to the Content Library

Save reusable blocks of content or pages to your library

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How to find the Content Library

You can access your saved items under the Templates tab from your dashboard and selecting 'Content Library' from the lower horizontal menu. Here, you'll be able rename, edit or delete any content library elements you have already saved.

Saving Content blocks, Sections or Pricing tables to your Content Library

To save an element just open any proposal or template in edit mode. From there you're looking for the save icon. You'll find it in 3 different places depending on whether it's a content block or a page. You can save the following elements to the content library:

  • Blocks (Content blocks, Videos and Full-width images)

  • Sections

  • Pricing tables

Saving Content blocks, Videos and Full-width images

Just hover over the content block, image or video you want to save and click the disk icon. This will bring up the sidebar, enter the name you'd like to save this content as and click "Save" and a confirmation window will popup confirming your element has been saved to the content library. Click 'OK' and that's it.

Saving Sections

Saving sections can be done hovering over the section you want to save and click the little settings cog to bring up the sidebar, then click 'Save this section to the Content Library'

Saving Pricing tables

To save pricing tables, just click the little disc icon located in the top right of your pricing table. Once the sidebar appears, type in the name you want to save it as and click "Save and Preview".

Check out this article to learn how to add items from your Content Library into any Proposal or Template.

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