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Editing your first text block and styling your content

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Editing and Formatting

To edit the text you've typed, for instance, make it a title or sub title, just highlight it and the edit menu will appear.


Once highlighted, you can select the H1, H2 or H3 buttons to choose from the different titles available. Clicking them again will put them back to being regular text.


To call out some text, perhaps to show as a quote or testimonial, just click the quote icon and it'll do this:

Aligning and indenting:

This works exactly as you'd expect it to. To undo any of the functions, just click them again and it'll undo it.


To create a link, highlight the word or phrase you want to be linked, then click the chain icon. This will give you a little popup from which to put your link, then just hit enter when you're done. To edit it or remove it, do the same again remove the link then press 'Ok'.
To link an image, you'll just need to jump into the code editor - see below.


While there is no spellchecker button, your browser will auto-detect any spelling mistakes and underline incorrect words in red. To check the correct spelling, simply hold Ctrl+right click on the underlined word and you'll see the regular browser menu with spelling suggestions.

Find and Replace:

Use Ctrl+F to open the Find and Replace window. This is really handy if you are working on a duplicated proposal for a previous client or if you just want to dot specific information throughout. Keep in mind that you can use our merge tag for the client's company name to save time in advance, click here to read how.


If you need to write a proposal in a language that is formatted from right to left, simply use the keyboard shortcut Alt+R to switch the direction of the editor. You can also highlight any text and use the same shortcut to switch it over. If you need to switch back to left to right, just hit Alt+L.

Inserting into your proposal

To insert something into your proposal all you need to do is go to the end of a line and hit 'enter' and you'll see this toolbar:

From here you can add your own HTML code, an image, a table, bullets or numbers.


When you add an image, by clicking on it, you can align it left, right or centre to automatically wrap the text around it. If you want to manually resize it, use the resize blocks in the corner of the image.


Clicking the <> button brings up the code editor which allows you to customise any of the HTML that's been created by the editor already. Only use this if you know what you're doing. You can view specific instructions on how to access the HTML editor here


Clicking this will give you a grid to let you select how many rows and columns you want to start with. From there, there's a mini menu which will hover above your table which lets you add/delete rows/columns. To adjust the properties of the table/rows/columns or cells, simply right-click on the table itself and you'll see a menu appear with these options.

Bullets or Numbers:

Clicking either of these adds your first bullet point or numbered list. Typing, then pressing enter will automatically add the next one for you like any other software you know and love.

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