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Two ways to add images into your proposals

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1. Adding a full width image

To add a full width image to your proposal, click the + icon located at the bottom of any block and click 'Full width image'. Then when the block has appeared, click the 'Insert image' button.

Here you'll have 3 options available to you. You can search images directly from our new Unsplash and Pexels integrations, or you can upload an image you have stored on your computer.

So let's import an image from Unsplash for example, just click the Unsplash logo and simply type whatever you're searching for in the search bar below. In this example we're going to search for "Web design". Once you've found an image that works for you, simply click on it and click 'Save and preview'.

When using full width images, we recommend you make them much wider than they are tall with a minimum width of 1600px. That will look coolest. Here's a little guide so you get the idea.

As you can see from the image we imported, we're in the "Not great" category as it's taking up too much space on our page. For this, you can crop your image directly inside Better Proposals without having to use any image manipulation software.

Cropping a full width image

To crop your image, simply hover over your image and in the top left you'll see the toolbar popup, click the settings icon to bring up sidebar on the right hand side. Click the "Crop" tab and then crop your image by dragging the resize handles located at the top and bottom of your image.

2. Add an image in the text editor

Simply click into a block of text where you'd like the image to appear and hit 'Enter'. Use the insert image icon to browse for your image.

Once it's displayed, you can click on the image to align it left, right or centre and wrap the text round it.

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