Pricing table basics

Display your pricing or quote in a simple to understand table

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Neat, simple tables for your pricing

To add a Pricing Block to your proposal, simply click the + icon located at the bottom of any block and click "Pricing Block".

Adding a name for your Pricing Table

Once you've added your pricing table, click the settings icon in the top right of the pricing table and it'll bring up a sidebar menu. Type the name of your pricing table in the "Table name" field and click Save and Preview"

Adding existing products or services to your pricing table

You can add as many products as you like to your pricing table. To add a product, hover over the bottom of any line item and just click the '+' icon that appears in the centre, then select the 'Line item' button under where it says 'What would you like to add?'

Then select your product from the drop down menu and then click the blue "Add this Item" button just like the example below.

Adding a new product or service to your pricing table

If the item you want isn't in the list then you can click the link below the line item search bar called "Item not in the list? Click here to add it".

You can now type the name of your item and how you charge for it and click the blue "Add this Item" button.

Adding Section Titles

If you want to break your pricing table up a bit, you can add Section titles for this. Simply click the "Section Title" Click the + icon inside your pricing table and it'll ask you what you'd like to add, click the 'Section Title' button and it'll insert a section title into your pricing table. Simply click on the text and you can rename the section title to whatever you need it to be.

Rearranging items in your pricing table

Re-ordering your line items has never been easier. All you need to do is click and hold on the drag and drop icon on the left hand side of your item and drag your item to where it needs to be.

You can edit the titles, descriptions and prices simply by clicking on them and typing.

The total amount at the bottom will automatically update as you add/remove/edit products including taxes if you set that up in Settings.

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