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Creating/Editing Custom Merge tags
Creating/Editing Custom Merge tags

How to create/edit your custom merge fields/tags

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Note: Custom Merge Tags are only available on our Premium & Enterprise plans.

To create a new Custom Merge tag, you can do this in:

Settings > Setup > Custom Merge Tags

Click 'Create New Custom Merge tag' and there are 3 fields to fill out - the Name, the Tag and Default value.

The Name and Tag are pretty self explanatory but the Default field is essentially the text that is shown if no tag information is present. So when setting up your proposal, if you don't populate the {{client_address}} field with the clients address for example, it'll revert to "N/A" so there's not an unsightly {{client_address}} tag sat in your proposal.

You can of course leave the Default field blank if you'd rather it didn't show anything if no tag information is used.

Customising your Merge tags

When you create a new proposal, on the setup page (Step 3) you'll see your Custom Merge tags are there waiting for you, the "Default" will be filled in automatically and you can click in those fields and enter the values that you want.

Depending on which template you choose when creating this proposal, you'll see a little green icon next to any merge tags that are in that template so you know the most important ones to fill in for that proposal.

If you inserted the wrong info or want to edit these tags inside the editor itself, just click the Custom Merge Tags icon in the top right and a sidebar will appear which will allow you to edit your Custom Merge tags.

These values will carry over to the proposal cover, emails, thank you page, you can view where your merge tags can be used here.

Once you've finished editing, click 'Save and Preview' and the new tag information will be updated on the Preview of your proposal.

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