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Import Word documents using our Document Importer
Import Word documents using our Document Importer

Create ready-to-use templates inside Better Proposals from your existing content in minutes

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Importing your document

Note: Tables will not be imported but we'd highly recommend using our pricing tables as they'll provide a far more user-friendly experience for you and your client. The importer is designed to get your content inside the template editor quickly but you can do the fine-tuning later on in the main template editor.

To get started, go to Templates then in the top right, click Create Template > Import Word doc

Follow the on-screen instructions to select the Word doc from your computer/device and once it's imported, you'll see a split-screen setup with your original content on the left and your new Better Proposals template on the right like this:

The trick is to follow the yellow flashing indicator and it'll walk you through each phase of the setup. Hover over it and it'll give you a helpful tip:

Split up sections

The next step is to go through and split your content up into individual sections, these sections will be divided up in the left-hand sidebar of your template. So all you need to do is hover over the space between your headers or paragraphs and you'll see a red + indicator to add a new section. Don't worry, you can undo any sections you add by clicking the undo button that appears in the same place:

Once you've set up all your sections, you'll see they are all untitled in your template, you can now re-name all those sections to accurately represent the content inside by double clicking and simply typing the new name - Once you've renamed all your sections, click 'Next' in the top right to proceed to the next stage of setting up your blocks.

Break into blocks

Now it's time to split up your sections into individual blocks, you'll see we've done away with the Word doc view now as we're getting very close to having a template ready to go.

Splitting up your blocks is useful when you want to add a different design element such as a different background colour or video background for example. At the bare minimum, we would suggest splitting up your header/title and the content of each section into separate blocks so you can add some design flare later on.

To split up your blocks, it's a similar process to splitting up your sections as we did earlier, just hover over the gaps between your content and you'll see the red + icon appear for you to separate your blocks.

Work your way through your document and then once you're happy you've got all your blocks set up, click Next and we're on our final styling step before you're ready to go.

Style your document

Here you can select from one of our pre-made color themes. Don't worry if they're not 100% on-brand. It's super easy to change the colours in bulk inside the template editor so you can pick one you like the look of for now and tweak it once you're inside the template editor. You can view how to update multiple content blocks with the same colour here.

Finally, to save you a load of time sourcing some nice images, you can type a keyword relevant to your industry or what you do, down the bottom left and we'll insert some nice relevant imagery in between your blocks for you to give your template that extra level of polish. The images will be added full-height by default which may take up a bit of space in your document, you can view how to crop your full-width images inside the editor here.

That's it! Go ahead and click 'Create my template' in the top right to complete the import process and you're all good to go πŸ‘

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