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Kicking off the document writing process.

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There are two different ways to create a template in Better Proposals:

Method 1. Create a template from scratch

To create a new template from scratch, first click ‘Templates’ in the sidebar. When you get there, click ‘Create template’. 

Method 2. Saving an existing document as a template

On the document information page, you'll see a block called 'Options'. If you hover over this and click 'Save as Template', this will save your document as a new template for future use.

Here is a video walkthrough of this process:

Next Steps:

Naming your template

Give your template a name (something descriptive about the template content rather than your company name is best). Next choose a brand. For 99% of you, this is a single brand for your company. Some companies have different brands for their business, if this matters to you then you can obviously choose which brand will be assigned to that template at this stage.

You will also be able to choose the Document Type. It will be a document by default, but you will be able to choose from other document options as well.

Writing your document template

First you'll need to add your sections by using the 'Add a section' button in the menu bar on the left. Click here to learn about naming, moving and deleting your sections.

Next you'll need to add some content to each page by clicking the green 'Add to this Page' block on the right hand side of each page. You can learn how to add different elements in the following articles:

Everything is saved live on the page, but when you're finished, click 'Save' in the top right corner to finish editing and return to the main Templates page.

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