Creating a new Document/Proposal

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Creating the Document

  1. In the left-hand sidebar, click Documents > Create new Document.

  2. You can choose to send to someone you already sent a document to on the left or a new contact on the right.

  3. Either select the company from the dropdown search box or type them in depending on the option you chose above.

  4. Choose the cover you want to use, or choose 'Start from Scratch'. If you don't want to use a cover, then leave this section unselected.

  5. Select which template you want to use or leave this as 'Start from Scratch'. Click here to learn about adding a template to your account.

  6. Set the currency and tax details for this specific document. These will be set to the default settings from your branding.

  7. If you have a payment integration in place like Stripe or Paypal, you can also set how much your client should pay after they sign the document. Once you're done, click the green 'Next' button in the top right.

  8. You’ll now be able to edit the text on your cover (if you chose one). Edit the headline and subheader by clicking on them and typing. Once you are happy with how it looks, just click the green ‘Next’ button in the top right.

  9. You’ll now be on your document page. You can add pages on the left and add content blocks using the + icon located at the bottom of each block. For more information on adding elements to your document, check out these articles.

    Adding a text block and using the editor
    Adding images
    Adding a Content Block
    Adding a video from Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia
    Adding a pricing table
    Adding a digital signature block

  10. Once you're done, click the green Next button in the top right.

  11. If you’re on the Premium or Enterprise plan, you’ll have a chance to receive helpful advice from our Document checker, a feature that suggests you how to improve your proposal to match the top proposal trends in the industry. After this quick review point and sorting any improvements on your proposal, click ‘Next’.

  12. This is the last step – the sending page. You will see your details populated in the section that tells you who the proposal will come from. Type the recipient's details into the first name, surname and email boxes and add as many recipients as you like. Choose which of the recipients should be eligible/required to sign your document if you added a digital signature element.

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